Activate Surf Alarms and get notifications when the conditions will be just the way you like them at your favorite spots.


Configure your own Surf Alarms for any spot based on your personal preferences for a number of parameters including Wave Height, Swell Height, Swell Direction, Swell Period, Wind and Tide.


There are also predefined Surf Alarms for all public spots that are helpful for the spots you are not familiar with or if you are new to the fine art of reading forecasts.


It's possible to set up multiple Surf Alarms for each spot which means you can have one alarm telling you when it's time to pack your longboard and another one letting you know the conditions are suitable for shortboards


When a certain Surf Alarm goes off, an alarm icon show up in your spot list. You can also activate push notifications that will tell you one day in advance if the conditions will be just right the following day.